Magic Socks: Guaranteed to Blow Your Socks Off

All-Eyes-On-Me, a new scientific sock designer company from New York City is introducing a magical collection of socks that will revolutionize New Yorkers’ perceptions and expectations about socks. Gone are the days when socks were merely about keeping your feet warm and clean.

Magic Socks will be a juxtaposition of three existing technologies used in foot-care products-Polymer Gel (moisturizing), material miniaturization (massaging) and Silver Technology (uniform blood circulation, dry feet, and odor removal). The All-Eyes-On-Me Magic Socks collection will be available at departmental stores, pharmacies and specialty foot care stores across New York in September 2010.

The collection caters to current needs and trends in socks and foot-care for both men and women of all ages. The Fall 2010 collection will consist of the following styles:

1. Roll’em Down Anklet/Quarter
Roll’em Down Anklet/Quarter will come in both men and women’s sizes in a variety of shades and colors. Perfect with a pair of jeans or trousers whether you are walking to the Yankee Stadium or down the Brooklyn Bridge or just running in Central Park, you want your feet to be warm, dry, moisturized and comfortable. These casual socks will give your feet the love and comfort they deserve and the confidence to take off your shoes without having to worry about your socks smelling and taking off your socks whenever and wherever without having to worry about your cracked heels.

2. Classy Comfort Firm Support Knee-Highs
Classy Comfort Knee-Highs are catered to both men and women-keep you comfortable and on your feet all day at work or across the town on meetings and calls. These knee-highs provide you the support while the silver technology assures healthy circulation of blood. Our material miniaturization will put pressure on all the right spots to make sure your muscles stay pain-free. No time to get a pedicure or if you are guy who is embarrassed to get a pedicure, here is your solution. Free pedicure anytime, all the time. Those long dreary hours at work will never seem as dreary.

3. Crew-cut All-in-one Wear
Who does not love the classic look of crew-cut socks-whether you are just lounging at home, at work, going to a formal party, on a first date, playing sports? Magic Socks’ crew-cut are designed seam-free at toes and stretch top so your feet stay comfortable. These socks come in a variety of colors and are suitable for all occasions. Guaranteed comfort and confidence for your feet!

4. Knock-You Down Tights and Thigh-Highs
Looking good no longer comes at the price of discomfort. Knock-You Down Tights keep your feet and legs warmer than ordinary tights thanks to the silver technology which keep your feet dry continuously by the process of evaporation. You might be wearing stilettos or tight boots. When you are wearing and when you take them off-you will still feel comfortable and pain-free. Looking and feeling good has never been so simple!

5. No-Show Magic
Summer-time or Spring-Time: Wearing stilettos or flats? You don’t want to ruin your feet to suffocate inside the shoes or be sweaty nor do you want to wear socks that show. No-Show Magic is your solution. These no-show socks will not show! They will prevent your feet from sweating and smelling by keeping them dry. And of course in the meantime, you also get continuous moisturizer and massage.

“We believe that this Magic Socks collection will redefine priorities for sock-buyers all over urban America starting with New York City. As foot ailments are becoming more and more common especially with women and the United States is leaning more toward urban lifestyle, getting more environmentally conscious and driving less and walking more: Magic socks will continue to innovate putting the customer’s comfort and style before anything else,” says Mr. Yoshi Gregsom, President of All-Eyes-On-Me.

All-Eyes-On-Me scientists are graduates of top schools like Branford University with prior experience in foot-care industry throughout North America while the designers have worked with Hollywood designers like Jeffrey Monroe and Lady Prada. Leighton Roberts, star of New York’s number # 1 teen drama says-“I am originally from Los Angeles but have been living in New York for the last seven years after I was cast for the role of Mary-Jane in the tv-series NYC-Love. I love exploring the city but I don’t like the winters or the rain and snow. But with Magic Socks, I love winters and rainy days in New York city as much as clear summer days. Thanks to Magic Socks, I might never leave the East Coast anymore. In fact, I think I might buy some pairs for my mom too so she will move to New York with me.”

Magic Socks Fall 2010 collection will become available in September 2010.

We've Come a Long Way..

The earliest versions of socks found were made from animal skins in stone-age and just wrapped around the ankles. Ancient Greeks wore socks made from matted animal hair while Romans used leather to wrap their feet and stay warm. Latter, in around 1000 AD, socks became symbolic of status and wealth. The first evidence of knitted socks was actually found in Ancient Egypt.

Then in the Middle Ages, the wealthy started tying colored pieces of cloth around their feet and used garter so the socks would not fall down. 1490s saw the invention of what is today known as tights. Sometimes, each leg was a different color and were made of silk, wool and other cloths. In 1589, knitting machines were invented which sped up the process of knitting socks. It was only in 17th century that cotton became a common sock-material. Rich people wore silk and more colorful socks while the poor wore darker shades and wool. In the 19th century, men’s version of socks began to get shorter and finally got the term ‘socks’. In Latin, "soccus" means light covering of the foot<>.

Today, socks still serve the original purpose of keeping feet warm and clean but they have become so much more. Socks are made of wool, nylon, cottons, silk and other materials. They come in different colors and styles. Designs defer by needs and changing fashion trends. Twenty-first century has introduced more changes to the concept of socks. It has now become more than keeping your feet warm while looking good. Scientists and designers have started to work together in incorporating style and health solutions into socks.

Magic Socks is the latest innovation in North American Socks industry that has successfully incorporated fashion, beauty needs, warmth and healthy feet needs.

Sore Feet

Hardly surprising.... look how much time we spend on our feet every day! We don't notice how important our feet are, until they start to hurt.
There are so many reasons why your feet might be sore, so you will need to do a little research on your own first, to try and diagnose your specific situation.
First, try to isolate where the pain is, and then try and compare your condition with ones described on the symptoms list below:

  • Foot starts to ache after you have stood for a long time
  • Feet hurt while wallking
  • Feel hurt when you wake up in the morning
  • Feet ache day and night
  • Feet are often hot
  • Foor feels like its burning
  • Ball of the foot is sore
  • Bottom of heels are painful
  • Feet throb constantly
  • Arch of your foot is sore

Magic Socks Commercial on TV

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